Friday, April 17, 2015

Alyssa's tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

As most of you know, we have have a very strong connection with the IWK because of a complicated twin pregnancy and delivering prematurely.  But it doesn't take 110 days to realize how important and necessary the IWK is for all kids.  My passion for the IWK 5K - In Memory of Jessica grew even more after a simple day surgery experience with Alyssa yesturday for a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy for sleep apnea.  

Not just anyone can work there, it really is a specialized group of individuals with the kindest souls who absolutely love their job (or at least do a great job pretending).  From the moment we walked in, Alyssa was entertained.  What I thought would be a long hour and 30 mins waiting before surgery, was not long at all.  She was given an "art kit" to keep her busy, a TV, and a volunteer to show us all around day surgery and recovery room and great explanations of what to expect.  We met with the OR nurse, the surgeon, and the anaesthesiologist before hand with thorough explanations to both Alyssa and Keith and I.  I love how they know all the right things to say to kids.  Alyssa was having so much fun beforehand that she even said to us "this is really fun"

Surgery itself was only 40 mins, and the surgeon was in the waiting room to tell us that surgery was a success and we should notice a huge difference in Alyssa's sleep, mood, concentration and a growth spurt very quickly.  She told us that her tonsils were HUGE, so big that one of the nurses said the surgeon actually wrote in the chart how big the tonsils were followed by !!!!  She told us that Alyssa fell asleep very easily as they played and sang Frozen's "Let it Go" for brilliant is that;)  Apparently the anaesthesiologist is a wonderful singer!  

The day surgery nurses were wonderful.  They called us as soon as she woke up, and provided her with lots of popsicles, juice and explained in great kid terms what the IV was doing in her's a special drinking straw of course.   We never felt rushed to leave, we left when Alyssa was ready to go home and then she was rewarded with a "Star Patient Award" presented by the IWK Day Surgery Staff, with a bucket full of stickers and other cool little stuff.  Great way for every kid to feel special.  
And then one of her favorite parts of the day was getting to sit in a wheelchair and transported down to the front doors:)  Great day at the IWK.   What could have been a scary day, was a fun, enjoyable experience for the most part...can't help the sore throat fully.