Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Cards

Do you ever just NOT feel like sending out Christmas cards? Keith was asking me weeks ago..."Have you started them yet? Did you buy any Christmas cards...? I hummed and hawd, and decided to go on strike this year, lol, NO Christmas cards, they take to much work, and I am just NOT into it this year. But then one day as I was looking at the online Walmart flyer, I discovered what many people have been doing for years...the best and easiest thing ever....Picture Christmas cards! So I picked a picture of the girls, and sent it online, and then an hour later went to pick them up. You don't even have to sign them, and they provide the envelopes. All you have to do is write addresses on the envelopes and stick the cards in...easy as that. I feel like I'm cheating a bit without doing any writing, as most of you who know me...know that I cannot send a card out without writing something personal. So there, done...I guess I will get Christmas cards next year. If you haven't received a card by next week, it means that you've probably moved in the past couple of years and I don't have a recent address, or maybe I never had your address in the first place, or maybe I just dont' want to give you a Christmas card....ha ha, just joking. Seriously though, I am not going to write everyone I know and ask for your address, so if you would like one of my new favorite photo christmas cards, please send me your address.