Sunday, March 18, 2012

3rd Annual IWK 5K - In Memory of Jessica

"Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."  Les Brown.

This June 3rd, 2012, Bedford's DeWolfe Park will be overrun by little munchkins and adults of all ages running or walking their hearts out to raise money for our local children's hospital, the IWK Health Centre.  As a group, we have raised over $13, 000 for the IWK in 2 years.  This is the 3rd Annual IWK 5K - In Memory of Jessica, and I am aiming big this year!  I want this to be our best year yet, with more participants, more fun, and more funds raised for the hospital!  

4 years ago, I never knew how important the IWK was.  I never knew how much I would need and depend on it.  Now I can't imagine not having this facility so close to home.  This event is for everyone who has been touched in one way or another by the IWK Health Centre.  It's a great opportunity to support each other, share stories, and share a common goal to give to the IWK in a fun and healthy way...running or walking together.  

This run was started 3 years ago because I wanted to run for a purpose.  Running was my therapy when our daughter passed away, but it wasn't enough.  I wanted to run my first marathon, I felt like I needed to run a marathon after our experience, and I wanted to run the New York City Marathon for the Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation, but it didn't exist.  I wrote the TTTS foundation suggesting they apply to be one of the charities in this big marathon, but they are not involved yet.  So I looked for something local, and was surprised to find only one other IWK run, the Lincoln 5K in NB.  I am very happy and proud to be involved with a local IWK run.  I am now organizing my running event for a purpose near and dear to my heart.   This year I will run for a purpose. 

The IWK 5K - In Memory of Jessica is a way for me to remember Jessica, and to raise money so that hopefully less families will suffer, and more children, women and adolescents will have the best possible care in the Maritimes.   

The IWK Health Centre Foundation helps to raise funds for state-of-the-art medical equipment such as the anesthetic machines for example.  An anesthesia machine is used by the anesthesiologists to perform three key functions during the delivery of an anesthetic: keeping a patient asleep, monitoring vital signs and providing life support during surgery and other procedures. I know that if my child ever has to be in an operating room again, I hope she has the best equipment to keep her comfortable and monitor her as needed. 

I thank the IWK in my prayers everyday for keeping Alyssa alive, when I thought I was going to lose her in the NICU May 2009.  I thank the IWK staff for being so kind to us all when Alyssa was admitted with RSV and pneumonia 2 years later.  I thank the perinatal follow up team for following Alyssa for 3 years and helping her to reach her milestones.  I thank Dr. Logan for relieving Alyssa's pain after she broke her femur at daycare, June 10, 2011 and for the nurses on the 7th floor for teaching me everything I needed to know to care for a child with a hip spica cast for 9 weeks.  
I thank the IWK for introducing me to Jessica, and doing everything they possibly could to keep her alive.  And when that battle was impossible, I thank them for keeping her comfortable, and for helping me through the most difficult time of my life, and providing the much needed counseling.

Please come run or walk with us, June 3th, 2012 at DeWolfe Park in Bedford, NS, and feel good about yourself for exercising, and feel great that you are helping to make a child's experience at the IWK more comfortable and the best possible under the circumstances.
Online registration is available through the Running Room on the following link
All proceeds after race cost, will be given to the IWK.  So if you make a donation to the IWK every year anyways, come join us and have some fun by taking part in the event, or if you are away and would like to donate, please follow the attached link:

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Thank you so much for all of your support!
"With you, Anything is Possible"